6.Bangkok, Thailand
Everything from flights to hotels is affordable here and caters to tourists. Just about the only pricey thing is the wine.

5.Delhi, India


Although it’s probably a better idea to spend time in smaller and more interesting cities, by international standards Delhi is still quite cheap.

4.Chiang Mai, Thailand


Surrounded by mountains, Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city after Bangkok, and like Vientiane, yet another alternative. You can get a room in a really nice 3 star hotel for the price of a hostel bed in Europe.

3.Kathmandu, Nepal


As long as you’re not planning on climbing Mount Everest, visiting this beautiful Himalayan city will definitely not bust your budget.

2.Goa, India


It’s not a city, but a state that contains several cities as well as some amazing beaches. Although its more expensive than other places in India, if you’re coming from out of the country, this place is still a bargain.

1.Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam



Next to Kathmandu, this is where all the tourists go when visiting Nepal. And for good reason. It’s beautiful, picturesque, and super cheap.