6. The Steel House, Ransom Canyon

The palace of bubbles was designed by Antti Lovag; who is recognized for his revolt against traditional architectural structures. Lovag modifies architecture by releasing the requirement for angles and straight lines, instead of this he favours curves and contours in order to bring about a combined atmosphere of the home and its natural environment with full of rock cropping that seldom sees angles and straight lines.

It is situated on the southwest coast of France. This unique building has not even completed its 50 years, but it has been considered as a historical monument by France’s Ministry of Culture. Grand events and festival parties are conducted in this building. The building has 28 rooms with 12,916 sq ft of living space which are round with round beds. Most of the rooms have floor to ceiling carpeting and beautiful lighting which modifies with the time of the day.

5. The Toilet-shaped House

Sim Jae-Duck is a late mayor of Suwon, South Korea, who was born in a restroom, thought to make a toilet shaped house of two-story to celebrate 2007 inaugural meeting of the World Toilet Association. The people who live without toilets, get a great aid from this association who works to help provide clean, efficient and working sanitation system for more than 2 billion people. The house is 4,520 sq ft, with a huge roof-top gallery that is reachable from a staircase that arises from the “toilet-drain” and has a glass-walled bathroom where the windows can be twisted opaque for the occupants’ isolation.

4. Dog Bark Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho

The dog bark inn is a beagle shaped house built in 2003 by the chainsaw artists, Dennis Sullivan, and Frances Conklin. This is a couple who earned their living by carving folk style dogs from the wood material and selling them. They earned well in this business and invested their hard earned money in this property where someone can reserve a room in the two bedroom suite.

3. The Mushroom House, Cincinnati, Ohio

This mushroom house, also called as the tree house was designed by the architect terry brown who was a professor of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati. This mushroom house is located Cincinnati, OH.

This alluring house was built in association with the assistance of university students and is a lavishly fantastic home built between the year 1992 to 2006 and it served as the architect’s second abode. In the year, 2006 the house was put out for sale, and regrettably in the year 2008 Terry Brown passes away. There were many things used for this project like variety of materials; wood, colored glass, shell, ceramics, and various metals, crafting them into some astounding uneven shapes significant of those in nature.

Terry Brown made this house look simple to symbolize the movement of music and nature surrounded with a built environment. He was appreciated by getting his work exhibited at the National Building Museum, Contemporary Arts Center. His works were also characterized in books and periodicals worldwide including REWARD.

2. The Shoe House

This wonderful shoe house was built by the extravagant millionaire Colonel Mahlon M., who was the “shoe wizard of York”, who used to invite the old people to stay in the house and live like kings and queens at his expenditure. Colonel Mahlon M. was initially a giant structural advertisement for Haines’.

The house is now used as a museum in the memory of Colonel Mahlon M. The house measures 45 feet in length, 17 feet wide and 25 feet high, having two bathrooms, three bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen located on five various levels.

1. Space Ship House, Chattanooga, Tennessee:

This house has been characterized in many newspapers, magazines and television shows including HGTV. This famous house is hanging on six cement pillars between which you can park your cars. Ample of small, square windows encircling the house give it more of a spacious feel and the front steps looks like a staircase which have been lowered from the ship. This house is located in a scenic spot, exactly beside the Tennessee River. The house is equipped with three bedrooms and two full baths having 2,000 square feet of living place.