6. He’s Loved Four Different Women
spiderman love

Believe it or not but Spider-Man has been romantically involved with more than just Mary Jane Watson. Before he met Mary Jane, he was in love with a girl named Betty Brant. After that fell apart, he moved on to the blonde beauty, Gwen Stacy. The death of Gwen was tragic, but Peter Parker was able to move on. His sights were set on the spunky Mary Jane, and the two eventually hit it off. The fourth love interest was the mysterious Black Cat. When Mary Jane was away from New York, Parker and Felicia Hardy (Black Bat) sparked interesting chemistry. Nothing came to fruition however, and Spider-Man eventually ended up with Mary Jane.

5. He Was A Member Of Fantastic Four
fantasic four

Spider-Man once joined Marvel’s only superhero family, The Fantastic Four. With the death of the Human Torch, they were looking for other members to join their team. Spider-Man eventually filled the hole left by Johnny Storm, and the team name changed to the Fantastic Foundation. Spidey was upgraded with a brand new suit that allowed him to switch between civilian clothes and his costume with just his mind.

4. Tony Stark Made Him A Special Uniform
Known as the Stark Spider Uniform, or the Iron Spider, this uniform was built for Spider-Man by the one and only Tony Stark. Originally designed to replace the red and blue suit, it was built to be faster and stronger, and it came with three handy, fully functioning spider legs that popped out of the back of the uniform on command. It was built during the Civil War event, when Spider-Man sided with Iron Man over the Identity crisis. The spider arms could act as functioning arms, had cameras on the ends of the legs, and were articulated so that they could be used as grippers. Although Peter had trouble with the uniform at first, he eventually tuned it to his needs. And even though he still has access to the suit, he only uses it when Nick Fury gives him permission or in an emergency, preferring the comfort and recognizable aspects of his normal suit.

3. He Was Never Really That Much Of A Nerd
spider man nerd
One of the biggest complaints about both of Spider-Man’s big screen origin stories from fans is the fact that he wasn’t portrayed as being anywhere near the nerd he was in the comic books. They seem to forget that while he started off as a wallflower, Peter Parker received a massive confidence boost after being granted his amazing powers.

He had a girlfriend by issue #7, ditched his glasses and beat up the school bully by issue #8, and spent his college years being fought over by the beautiful Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy. Long story short, Spidey may be a bit of a nerd, but not as much as you may think!

2. He Once Transformed Into A Spider
Spider-Man has undergone various transformations over the years. He even had six arms at one point! However, one of the most bizarre came when he literally became a giant spider. This was all part of a convoluted storyline which seemed to only exist to bring the comics and movies closer together, as the end result – when Peter “hatched” from the spider you see above – saw him given organic web shooters like the ones featured in Sam Raimi’s movies.

The new status quo lasted for a few years, but Spider-Man eventually went back to his original mechanical webshooters as part of a reboot of sorts in Brand New Day.

1. His Parents Worked For S.H.I.E.L.D.
Fans always knew that Peter Parker was an orphan, but it was revealed in the late ’60s that there was more to his parents than meets the eye. Richard and Mary Parker were revealed to be government agents, serving as heroes long before their son suited up as Spider-Man. Funnily enough though, the duo were also responsible for the first team-up between Spidey and Wolverine.

A pregnant Mary and her husband actually saved Wolverine during one mission, but they were later killed by the Red Skull after their son was born. Robot versions of these two were introduced at one point, but the less said about that story, the better.