6. Great Quotes from Great Women
If you had the opportunity to ask for advice from the greatest women of all time, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Now you can! Discover the wisdom of some of society’s greatest women with quotes from Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, Audrey Hepburn, and more.

5. Motivational Quotes
Simple Truths founder Mac Anderson believes that the right words can engage the brain and bring an idea to life. Enjoy some of his favorite inspirational quotes featured in our Motivational Quotes video.

4. Finish Strong Motivational Quotes
Both in life and business, adopt a Finish Strong attitude. These quotes will help you Finish Strong in all areas of your life.

3. Great Quotes from Great Leaders
Great leaders know that the right words used at exactly the right time can make all the difference. Check out some of the most powerful quotes from history’s leaders.

2. First Thing Every Morning
How you begin each morning controls the outcome of the day—so take this chance to lift your spirits and turn your life around!

1. Inspiration 365 Days a Year
Feeling like you need a lift? Check out legendary author and inspirational speaker Zig Ziglar’s favorite motivational quotes about life.